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Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center

Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

A Passionate Walk 2011

Were you there, when they crucified my Lord?  These words resonated throughout the grounds at Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center on Friday, April 8, 2011.  On this night, we relived Our Lord’s journey to Calvary, it was an emotional evening of testimonies of everyday trials and spiritual journeys. 
Twelve people inspired us with stories of the crosses they have carried.  There were crosses of abandonment, receiving a terminal diagnosis, helping others in times of need, losing a loved one, coming to the aid of someone in trouble when it was not the safe thing to do and putting aside materialism for a more spiritual reward. 

As the sun began to set at Cypress Springs that evening, hundreds of people gathered to witness and relate to these ordinary people, living ordinary lives.  But everyone soon realized that they had made “this journey to Calvary”.  It was a meaningful experience that all could participate and relate to in one way or another.  We have all carried crosses, some heavier than others, but crosses just the same.  
In the darkness of night and with 14 crosses reflecting across the lake, we listened as nails were being driven into Our Lord’s hands and feet as at the 11th Station, Jesus is Nailed to the Cross.  At the 12th station, Jesus Dies on the Cross, there was a moment of silent reflection, followed by a powerful song from Brent Honore. 

The 13th and 14th stations were relived through more personal testimonies.  This powerful evening ended with an emotion rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone sung by David Aguillard.