About Our Mission

To offer a place of healing and evangelization where God's suffering people and their families, young and old, can find spiritual consolation and guidance, comfort and peace. A place that will continue to nurture families even after the journey of their loved one is complete.

Adopted August 14, 2015

Continuing Journey - A Place To Make Memories

In Louisiana, the incidence of cancer and other debilitating, sometimes terminal illness, is among the highest in the United States. While our community aggressively battles this alarming reality, it must also reach out to the sick and dying to address their needs–including the provision of spiritual guidance and comfort for them and their families.

God's people need to have a place that will provide comfort and peace–a place that will continue to nurture families even after the journey of their loved one is complete.

Sister Dulce Maria has prayed with and comforted the sick, terminally ill and their families. She has offered spiritual guidance to those who seek the Lord. She has been led to see the importance of having a place where God's suffering people and their families could find spiritual consolation and guidance.

Our Purpose

• To provide a haven where the sick and terminally ill can visit and be accompanied on their journey towards God. It will minister to the suffering and those who support them on their journey.

• To provide opportunities for those who seek a deeper understanding of their faith through prayer and counsel.

• To provide housing for the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament who will be available to support and provide spiritual guidance for all those who seek comfort.

All Are Welcome

• Children and adults suffering from a debilitating or terminal illness, their families and their supporting community will use the center as a place of serenity that will provide them with nurturing, support and comfort.

• People who want to develop a deeper personal relationship with the Lord through spiritual counsel.

• The Center will be open to all the faithful regardless of religious affiliation. No one will be turned away.

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