A Butterfly To An Angel

Kasey was often in a lot of pain and one day her friend Sloan Deumite told her about a healing nun named Sister Dulce. Sloan thought that she would be able to help Kasey with her pain because we were told by the doctors that Kasey was a miracle to be here at all in her condition and that they could no longer help with the pain. She would have to give it to God.

I will never forget the first time we saw Sister Dulce. She became our angel of Faith. I called her one night to pray for Kasey over the phone and she said that before we pray, tell Kasey that she sure looks good in that red gown that she has on. Sister Dulce helped prepare Kasey to find peace and faith within her painful journey. When your twenty-two year old child looks you in the eyes in that condition with peace in her soul and says, "Mom I'm ready to go meet Jesus", I just can't thank Sister Dulce enough for being a part of our journey.

I lost my father, mother, step dad and only daughter in just sixteen months and now I am fighting a lung disease and because of Sister Dulce's love for Jesus and healing power, I will overcome. The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the meaning of life is to give it away. Thank you Sister Dulce for what you do for God's people on this earth. You have taught me through all the death that I have experienced, to stay focused on God and to still have meaning on this earth. God Bless You Sister Dulce because Jesus has already blessed my life just by letting our paths cross here on earth. You can learn more about Kasey's faith journey by going to www.kaseyjoykidder.com.

Rebecca Didier