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OUR MISSION: To offer a place of healing and evangelization where God’s suffering people and their families, young and old, can find spiritual consolation and guidance, comfort and peace. A place that will continue to nurture families even after the journey of their loved one is complete.

Healing Ministry

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Spiritual Growth

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At Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center there are many wonderful initiatives to take place in and grow closer to God

Meet Sister Dulce Maria

From a very young age, Sister Dulce Maria felt very drawn to the Lord. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, she was raised in a large traditional family with “Mom and Dad and six siblings,” reports Sister Dulce.
Sister is quick to emphasize that she doesn’t like to be called a healer. “It is the Lord who is the healer. He has to be in the forefront. It’s God’s hands bringing His merciful love to others. I don’t look into a crystal ball, but it is the Lord who sees pain. I’m being used as the instrument of God. It’s like I’m able to see with my hands,” she clarifies.

Your Spiritual Journey with Our Lord

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Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center has several opportunities for growth in our spiritual life. There are Women's and Men's Spirituality groups that meet every month, Rosary groups that meet every Tuesday, retreats, Bible studies as well as our annual events such as St. Joseph Altar, LaPosada, guest speaker series, Passion Walk and Dining by Design. See our event calendar for additional information on all events.

Written Testimonials

The Lord has touched so many through the ministries here at Cypress Springs Mercedarian Prayer Center.

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